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    In our After-School Program, children engage in extracurricular activities of their choosing in one location.

    Camp Lingua brings you a unique experience. Combining the perfect blend of learning and FUN!

    ​Options include Tutoring, Sports and Arts.

    Spanish is also available.


    Explore Art, art and sports through a variety of activities! Our mixed media arts program offers drawing, painting, photography, crafts, knitting, crochet, pottery, ceramics, sculpting, and more; where kids creativity and expression with different mediums. In addition, our sports training develops skills like sportsmanship, team building, leadership, responsibility, and discipline; where kids enjoy competitive games to showcase abilities.

    Join us to explore your artistic talents, enhance athletic abilities, and have a blast + Homework help provided from Monday- Thursday


    Tutoring is offered to enhance acquisition as well as their academic, personal, cognitive and social growth in a safe and educational environment.




    Our approach to language training is called “Enter-Training”, (entertainment and training). It is technology-enhanced. Following the principles of neuro-linguistics (multi-sensory practice through visual, auditory and physical activities), we promote rapid language acquisition of communication skills for learners at all levels. Oral communication is primarily emphasized during class time.

    - Camp Lingua
    - Camp Lingua
    - Camp Lingua


    Hours: 3:00PM – 5:00PM

    Registration Fee: $125

    After School Club: Monthly rate $395 (5 days per week) / $295 (3 days per week) / $195 (2 days per week)

    Transportation: Club members are picked up at their school by one of our shuttles and brought on-site. $50 per month

    After School Horse Activities - Camp Lingua

    afternoon riding lessons

    - Camp Lingua

    Contact us

    Broward Campus

    4700 Dykes Rd
    Southwest Ranches, FL 33331

    West Palm Campus

    3686 A Rd
    Loxahatchee, FL 33470

    Office Hours

    Mon – Fri

    9:00 am – 6:00 pm


    Appointment only



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