Lingua Academy is a Tutoring Program engaging children in our Multi-Sensory and Enter-Trainig approach. Combining the perfect blend of learning and FUN!.

Students will experience math, reading, science and Spanish through fun tutoring sessions. Hearing, seeing, living, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting knowledge. Language tutoring includes conversation, vocabulary, reading, writing and culture.

Club Camp

Camp Lingua brings you a unique experience. Combining the perfect blend of learning and FUN!

A program focused on developing young minds, providing them with lifetime skills, learning through experiences and nurturing their inner self. 

We offer multiple tutoring sessions for students of grades K-5. Students may sign up individually per tutoring session or they can become a member of "Club Camp" where they will have access to all of our tutoring sessions. 

Tutoring is offered to enhance acquisition as well as their academic, personal, cognitive and social growth in a safe and educational environment. Tutoring sessions follow a K-5 curriculum engaging children in the various school subjects.  A program like no other, children engage in academically directed sessions, enhancing their learning through our proven enter-training approach.

Students are divided into their grades. We offer two 60-minute instructional tutoring sessions per day, followed by another 60-minute Spanish tutoring session per day. On Fridays students review all subjects! 

Natural approach to language training is called “Enter-Training”, (entertainment and training). It is technology-enhanced. Following the principles of neuro-linguistics (multi-sensory practice through visual, auditory and physical activities), we promote rapid language acquisition of communication skills for learners at all levels. Oral communication is primarily emphasized during class time, unless your program of study aims at a particular different goal.


Your child will communicate confidently in a variety of situations. Since cross-cultural communication has become imperative to achieve social and academic success, all our programs emphasize the culture of the countries where the language of study is spoken. Language through themes; music, dance, cooking, arts, sports, and outdoor education.

Language structure, pronunciation and vocabulary presented in the context of oral interaction will give you prompt conversational command of the language. Grammar is presented as a tool for communicative competence rather than an isolated skill. Classes are practical and student-centered.​​

Children with a balanced academically and playful education have a competitive edge in the real world. A flexible learning and tutoring program enhancing children's schooling through FUN and interactive tutoring offers many benefits. These are some of the benefits your children and you will enjoy upon receiving tutoring from Lingua Academy:
Your child will grow with an advantage to take a productive place in our increasingly diverse world​.
Learning in a FUN environment allowing children to enjoy their learning experience.
Personalized Attention and low ratios
Action and themed language classes focusing on culture, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation.
Team building and leadership skill development

Tutoring through FUN!​

Here's what's included in our Experiential Tutoring Program; phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, math, science, social studies, geography, French, Italian, Spanish and much more.